New Exhibition

The "Société genevoise de photographie" organize an exhibition on the red theme at the Tennis-Club de Drizia-Miremont form the 2d of July until the 27th of September 2015. You will see one of my picture.

Will be very happy to see you around !

Exhibition "au fil de l'eau"

The opening of my new exhibition "au fil de l'eau" will take place on October 6th, 2014 at 6pm at the 7, rue de la Prairie in Geneva.

Li river, Guilin, China

Li river, Guilin, China

Musical litter

Swiss People tend to think that English people are some how a little bit crazy but isn't it a little bit real ?



It's been two weeks of foggy days and it's still going on.



Colors of Beijing, China

Future tense

My neighborhood is changing.  A train will soon be under my building

Geneva, Switzerland


Photography exhibition

Some of the members of the Société Genevoise de Photographie, including myself, are exhibiting since the 28th of June at the "Haute école de santé" in Geneva.

Facing future

Zizhuyuan gongyuan (紫竹院公园 - le parc des bambous pourpres), Beijing, China


La Mante

La mante religieuse... Et dire que ce petit insecte a inspiré un style de kung fu (tanglangquan)...

Mais à bien la regarder, ça n'est pas si étonnant que ça...